By Lora Condon

Located Inside Imagine Salon
773 Mountain Avenue
Springfield, NJ 07081
973-467-0992 Salon Hours
973-715-3826 After Hours


FINALLY you don’t have to go to New York to get New York QUALITY FACIALS and WAXING

I am bringing my years of skin & body care experience back to my hometown of Springfield, NJ. For years people have been calling me “magic hands” and this name is a tribute to my clients as well as my gift.
Here you will find all the services I offer at my skin care studio inside Imagine Salon. I only use top of the line, and result oriented products like Nelly De Vuyst Belgian Skin Care, Young Living Essential Oils and Supplements, Cerepil Wax and Phoenix Rising Organic Skin Care.

Gift certificates can be purchased at the studio or via phone & email.
Pick 3 different services for a gift certificate and automatically get 10% off or just do a monetary amount.
Email or Call 973-715-3826

“In the month of September, 10% of all services will go to the Freedom Alliance Foundation, which provides college scholarships to the children of military men and women who have been killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty.


King Tut – Take a few thousand years off your skin! If your skin feels as old as a mummy, this occlusive thermal mineral mask that covers your face and neck will turn back the hands of time . This is a great facial for firming and anti-aging. While masking, enjoy some Egyptian inspired reflexology, reiki and an Egyptian organic tea at the end. $140

Rice Crispy – Put some snap, crackle and pop back into your skin. This oxygen foam will feel like rice crispies tickling your face as it penetrates the essential oils and creams layered underneath it into your skin. This facial will brighten and clear up any skin type. If your skin feels dull and fatigued, this is the cure for you. A few minutes of reiki will also help to reduce stress. Young Living Essential Oils will be placed on your spine to further the reduction of stress from the inside out! Organic tea at the end will leave you fully revived. $95 series of 4 $342

Red Dragon – Asian inspired organic skin care. Exfoliation with skin lightening rice bran, and adzuki beans. Medicinal barley heals the skin and helps to remove spots and hyperpigmentation. Ginseng and ginko are infused into the skin to boost radiance. A calming seaweed mask will leave your skin glowing and fresh. While masking, reiki will be applied to all your chakras. At the end, you’ll drink an energy berry organic juice or gunpowder green tea. $130

Hour of Power – There’s no place like OHM! This customized European facial includes reiki and crystals placed on your chakras along with Young Living Essential Oils placed on your spine. While relaxing, you will listen to a CD that will bring you into a deep state of relaxation using guided visualization techniques. Just try not falling asleep during this facial. At the end, I’ll pump you back up with an energizing tea so you can safely drive home $100

Pumpkin Pie Peel – You will really feel the peel with this facial. The pumpkin enzymes will dissolve clogged pores and leave your skin feeling squeaky clean. Extra attention to extractions or anti-aging depending on your skins needs. To make long term changes in your skin, or for rapid results, I recommend doing the peel once a week for 4 weeks. Don’t forget a detoxifying tea to further cleanse the skin. $95 each, series of 4 $342

Deep Cleaning Peel – Spring cleaning for the skin! This is a great facial for anyone looking to remove layers of dead skin, lighten sun damage and minimize fine lines. Vegetable proteins attach to the dead skin cells to reveal new and glowing hydrated skin. Young Living Essential Oils are placed on your spine and a detoxifying tea will further a glowing complexion. For the best results a series of 4 is recommended. $120 each, series of 4 $432


Around the World in an Hour – If you don’t have time for a cruise, don’t worry! This treatment covers it all. Start with Swedish style application of warm body butter, followed by Japanese Reiki, Egyptian inspired reflexology and Native American Raindrop Essential Oil treatment on your spine. Say Bon Voyage to stress $100

Detox on the Rocks – Did you party too hard the night before? Do you need to lose a few pounds before a big night out? This aromatherapy treatment will detoxify and leave you feeling lighter. After dry brushing your body, I”ll use my hands and some warm stones to apply an exotic blend of essential oils. You get wrapped in a warm blanket to penetrate the oils and drift away. Choose from a guided visualization or instrumental music while wrapped. Once unwrapped, an application of more essential oils complete the detoxification. Hour and 15 minutes $150

Sole Food – The sole-lution for tired aching feet. A gentle cleansing and application of pumpkin peel to get rid of the dry skin. Enjoy reflexology and reiki on your feet. A final application of Young Living Essential Oils are followed by an organic foot balm to complete the process and leave you walking on air! ½ hour $60

Raindrop Therapy – This Native American treatment was developed to heal, detoxify and purify the blood stream and body. These Young Living Essential Oils stay in your blood for up to a week. This treatment is a must for those who are exposed to a lot of germs. Great for the OCD person! Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are placed on the spine, feet, scalp and chest, while a guided visualization CD helps induce relaxation. Reiki helps induce sleep lower stress levels. Finish off with an organic tea to continue the purification process. Native American incense seals the deal! $120

Reflexology – Egyptian inspired reflexology includes warm towels around your feet, pressure points massaged and reiki to induce a deep state of relaxation and detoxification. The session is finished with Young Living Essential Oils and a warm detoxifying drink. ½ hour $60

Reiki – Think Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid! Feel the heat from my hands warming your soul. This is my specialty and one of the treatments I’m known for. I”ll place my hands on your chakras and pay more attention to areas where you have injuries, pain or problems. At the end you’ll feel refreshed and more focused. ½ hour $60

Power Nap – Need a place to hide from your boss or recover from a long night? Inhale some relaxing Young Living Essential Oils and then lay down and listen to a guided visualization CD that will slow down the brainwaves and get you to rest really fast. While you’re napping, I’ll be doing reiki on you to further relaxation. At the end, you’ll have a relaxing hot tea and float back to work making them wonder why you look so relaxed. ½ hour $60

Sexy Back – Bring sexy back with this exfoliating and hydrating back facial. Great for anyone who gets break-outs or is showing a lot more skin! ½ hour $60

Brows - $20
Mens Back - $50
Lip - $8
Mens Chest - $50
Chin - $10
Mens Bikini - $30
1/2 Leg - $30
Mens Beyond Bikini - $50+
Full Leg - $80
Mens Brow - $15
Basic Bikini - $25
Mens 1/2 Leg - $40
Beyond Basic Bikini - $50+
Mens Full Leg - $90
Underarms - $15
Stomach Line - $10
Sides of Face - $10


Make-up Application - $70
Make-up Lesson - $100
Bridal Trial - $50
Day of Wedding Make-up $100

Lash Tinting - $20
Brow Tinting - $20

Please ask about waxing if you have any questions. Do not ever wax if you are using AHA’s, Accutane, Retin-A, Glycolic Acid or prescription medication on the area to be waxed. Please let me know if you are using any of the above items or anything else that might remove your skin along with the hair!

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